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Awards and Prizes

We award the following every year 

Trainer of the year 

Trainee of thar

Trinity Cup

Training Hospital of the Year  

Best academic papers CTOC EAOC

Norwich Cup

Trainer of the year

Mr Mark Loeffler, Colchester, 2022

Mr Satish Kutty, Harlow, 2021

Mr Amresh Singh, Peterborough, 2020

Mr Niel Kang, Addenbrooke's, 2019

Mr Anish Sanghrajka, NNUH, 2018

Mr Mark Bowditch, Ipswich, 2017 

Mr Andrew McKee, Peterborough, 2016

Mr Ravindra Kamath, Peterborough, 2015

Dame Clare Marx, Ipswich, 2014

Mr Phillip Johnston, Addenbrooke's, 2013 

Mr Graham Tytherleigh-Strong and Mr Lee Van Rensburg, Addenbrooke's, 2012

Mr John Powell and Mr David Sharp, Ipswich, 2011 

Mr Ivan Hudson, Ipswich, 2010

Miss Sue Deakin, West Suffolk, 2009

Mr Phillip Edge, Bedford, 2008

Mr Dennis Edwards, Addenbrooke's, 2007 

No meeting, 2006 

Mr Matthew Porteous, West Suffolk, 2005

Mr Keith Tucker, NNUH, 2004

Mr Murray Matthewson, Addenbrooke's, 2003

Mr Nigel Coleman, QEH King's Lynn, 2002

Mr Ignatius Liew, 2022

Miss Kate Spacey, 2021

Mr Sunil Kumar, 2020

Miss Rachael Fisher, 2019

Miss Elizabeth Tissing, 2018

Mr Arman Memarzadeh, 2017 

Mr Mike Barrett, 2016

Trainee of the year

Trinity Cup Prize
'Best in Class' 

Miss Rachael Fisher, 2022

Mr Sunil Kumar, 2021

Mr Mike Barrett, 2020

Mr Arman Memarzadeh, 2019 

Mr Ross Coomber, 2018

Mr Ryan Wood, 2017

Mr Warwick Chan, 2016

Colchester 2022

Colchester, 2021

Peterborough, 2020

Colchester, 2019 

Luton and Dunstable, 2018

West Suffolk, 2017

Training Hospital of the Year

CTOC Academic Presentation Winner

Mr Humza Osmani, 2022

Mr Sunny Parikh, 2021

Mr John (Sid) Lawrence, 2020

Mr James Gill, 2019 

Mr Mike Dunne, 2018

Miss Aparna Viswanath, 2017

Miss Helen Chase, 2016

Mr Al Durt, 2015

Mr Hassan Fawi, 2020

John Lawrence, 2016, James Berwin, 2016

Apart Viswanath and Frank Sim, 2015

Nnamdi Obi, 2014

Michael Pullinger, 2013

Con Loizou, 2012

Paul Robinson, 2011

Emma-Kate Lacey, 2010 

Ben Ollivere, 2010

Okay Al-Dadah, 2009

Warwick Chan, 2009 

Mark Latimer, 2008

Chris Lawrence, 2008

Academic Presentation Winner

Norwich Cup (Highest Score Mock FRCS)

Mr Tim Karssien, 2022

Mr Daniel Bye, 2021


"If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulder of giants"



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