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East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust 
Colchester Hospital

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Lead AES Mr Mahbub Alam mailto: 

Training hospital of the year 2021

Leave request for registrars (both annual leave and study leave)

On call registrar - switch and personal mobile 

Trauma coordinator - 07708468485


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Joining us

On call - 10 week NROC rota: 10x during this period, varying days including 1x Sat-Sun, 1x Fri (expected to present + PTWR on Saturday morning).  NB SHOs most first job in NHS

Theatre - 5x sessions out of 8x weekly sessions 

Weekday activities - Vary with team, but usually 1x #OPD 1x elective OPD, 1x admin / deanery teaching 

Middle grade - 2x associate specialists, 2x trust grades, 6x training registrars 

Major trauma services - no 

Spinal - 1x spinal consultant with mixed practice, usually referapatient to Ipswich, who do 2x weekly spinal WRs in Colchester.  No out of hours or weekend MRI 

Paediatric infection - 1x paediatric consultant 

Junior tier - SHOs (most first job in NHS), 4x SCPs 

Teaching - SHO teaching self presenting, no SPR teaching

Audit - M&M approximately 6x annually 

Research - Nil 

Journal Club - Nil 

  1. Barr/Wright (F&A)

  2. Williams (F&A)

  3. Suresh (spine + hip)

  4. Shanker (paeds ortho)

  5. Stanton/Brankin (UL)

  6. Hynes (UL)

  7. Loeffler (hip + knee arthroplasty inc soft tissue)

  8. Alam (hip + knee arthroplasty inc soft tissue)

  9. Parratt (hip + knee arthroplasty inc soft tissue)

  10. Wardle/Lopez (hip + knee arthroplasty only)

  11. Sloper (hip + knee arthroplasty only)

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