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East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust

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Lead AES Mr Graham Myers mailto:

Leave request for registrars (both annual leave - no more than 3 registrars and study leave - pink form)

On call registrar #300

Trauma nurse or fracture clinic follow up - book at fracture clinic, Jan Wright 650

  1. Miss Pinder, Mr Crossman (hands)

  2. Mr Iman, Mr Roberts (shoulder and elbow)

  3. Mr Wood (knee), Mr Baxandall (hips)

  4. Mr Pryke (hips), Mr Brammar (hips) 

  5. Mr Bowditch (knee), Mr Servant (knee)

  6. Mr Myers (hips), Mr Al-Nammari (foot and ankle) 

  7. Mr Martin (hips), Mr Carlile (paediatrics) 

  8. Spines (Mr Lovell, Mr Cumming, Mr Hudd, Mr Prempeh, Mr Bhagat, Mr Vegara)

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