East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust

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Lead AES Mr Graham Myers mailto: graham.myers@esneft.nhs.uk

Leave request shafic.al-nammari@esneft.nhs.uk for registrars (both annual leave - no more than 3 registrars and study leave - pink form)

On call registrar #300

Trauma nurse or fracture clinic follow up - book at fracture clinic, Jan Wright 650




Joining us

On call - 1:9 full week on call (8-5pm) followed by one night (5pm-8am) per week for 5 weeks, 3 weeks off on call, 1:8 weekend on call (48hrs)

Theatre - Full day trauma list following Consultants regular on calls, at least 1-2 elective list per week. 

Weekday activities - Expected to attend weekly hot clinics, fracture and elective clinics. Inpatient ward care. Weekend - Trauma meeting followed by rounds. Weekends spent in theatre until 5pm, SHOs hold bleep until 5pm. Expected to assist spinal emergency theatres when required. 

Middle grade - 2x middle grade sprs, 6 training grade spas

Major trauma services - EOE trauma network, referrals to Addenbrooke's and triaged to Norwich or Cambridge 

Spinal - tertiary centre for spines

Paediatric infection - NNUH

Junior tier -

FY2-GPST2 on call with 300, holding 183 bleep.

FY1/SCP on call with 300, holding 903 bleep.

Teaching - Weekly FRCS teaching by Mr Servant Tuesday evenings 5.30-7pm trauma room.

Audit - Mr Wood is audit lead

Research - Be proactive

Journal Club - Tuesday evenings

  1. Miss Pinder, Mr Crossman (hands)

  2. Mr Iman, Mr Roberts (shoulder and elbow)

  3. Mr Wood (knee), Mr Baxandall (hips)

  4. Mr Pryke (hips), Mr Brammar (hips) 

  5. Mr Bowditch (knee), Mr Servant (knee)

  6. Mr Myers (hips), Mr Al-Nammari (foot and ankle) 

  7. Mr Martin (hips), Mr Carlile (paediatrics) 

  8. Spines (Mr Lovell, Mr Cumming, Mr Hudd, Mr Prempeh, Mr Bhagat, Mr Vegara)