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Above the Clouds


The Journey of Wellbeing Through Unchartered Waters
An Orthopaedic Trainee Perspective

What does wellbeing mean to you? A lot more than you realise. 

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Above the Clouds

What does it mean to you? 

The Orthopaedic surgeon is evolving.

The Pearson Report, published by Health Education England in February 2019 considered ‘who cares for the people who care for the nation?’.We must improve the way in which we look after ourselves and our colleagues, sowe are all better placed to look after the needs of their patients.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant change to life as we know it on all levels. As a Surgeon, this has created significant change. Many trainees have been redeployed to other areas of medicine; subjected to emergency rota changes; having considerably reduced operating opportunities; reduced training opportunities and face the possibility of extended registrar training. All of this in addition to the uncertainty of the virus, create significant stress and jeopardy to wellbeing.

Wellbeing in medicine is an evolving concept and one which in the current climate is vital.

“ No man is an island”. This statement has never been truer. We are all living in extraordinary times and being placed under extraordinary challenges. To survive, we must all evolve and adapt to this change. This is a journey that must be shared.

The old adage of a ‘problem shared, is a problem halved’ has been proved. By uniting as a team within our region, we have been able to connect together, acknowledge difficulties, share concerns and learn both individually and as a team.

As a doctor and a surgeon, our work demands may be changing but this experience will empower us forever. Through promoting wellbeing during these dark days in medicine, we can help shine a light and relieve the anxiety felt by others. The strain can be highlighted early to avoid negative behaviours, reduce burnout and illness.

Welcome to Wellbeing, we hope you find this section helpful. There are a multitude of resources available on the resources page.  

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