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EoEOrtho Hand and Wrist Teaching

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Teaching schedule for EoEOrtho hand and wrist teaching

4th November (Thursday) 2021 1400-1700 - Zoom

Hand & Wrist Trauma – Mr McKee, Mr Jones, Mr Crosby

A quick stop tour of essential trauma knowledge for the FRCS titled 'The Assessment and Treatment of Hand Injuries including Fractures, Neurovascular and Tendon Injury; The management of Wrist Fractures'

11th November (Thursday) 2021 1400-1700 - Zoom

Hand & Wrist Elective – Mr Johnston, Mr Chojnowski, Mr Wood

A smorgasbord of core topics including: 1st CMCJ OA, Dupuytrens, compression neuropathies, SNAC, SLAC & Kienbocks

17th November (Wednesday) 2021 1400-1700 - Zoom

Tricky topics, stellar speakers

Congenital upper limb deformities – Mr Wee Lam (Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh)

Rheumatoid Hand – Mr Carlos Heras-Palou (Pulvertaft Hand Centre, Derby)

Wrist Instability - Mr Alex Lluch (Kaplan Institute, Barcelona)

25th November (Thursday) 2021 1400-1700 - Eventbrite book here

Small group teaching & viva practice

To consolidate the Zoom teaching & provide a taster to the FRCS exam format

Password: 123456

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