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Dear Fellow trainees,

(all AES bcc'd),

The EOETEA committee was established in 2018 to oversee EOEortho educational activities and help voice our thoughts and opinions.

There are several roles in the EOETEA Trainee Committee, which are overseen by the STC Chair, TPD, Deputy TDP & Director of Education. Committee positions that are due to be replaced this year and need you are listed below.

The training program is shaped by us trainees and with our input over the years the rotation has gone from strength to strength. Without your engagement and enthusiasm this would not be possible and it is really important we continue this trend. The committee is built with succession planning in mind and therefore you will be guided by fellow colleagues in your roles.

I encourage you to consider applying for one of the roles below to not only help the rotation but to also help you build on your skills outside of your normal clinical practice.

To make the selection more transparent, we will have an election for committee positions where there is more than one person showing interest. All trainees and AES’s from the region will be eligible to vote.

As CTOC is around the corner, we will be announcing the new committee at the meeting.

Current positions are:



Currently held by

End of term

CTOC secretary

1 year

Jaison Patel


Treasurer and merchandise

2-3 years

Sunny Parikh


Communications and webmaster

2 years

Ignatius "Iggy" Liew


Trainee and STC rep

2 years

Rachael Fisher and Pradyumna Raval

2022 (1 position)

Industry Liason

2 years

William Nabulyato


Mentoring Fellow

2 years

Ady Abdelhaq and Rachael Fisher

2022 (1 position)

5 roles for election

  1. CTOC Secretary

  2. Combined Junior Treasurer and Merchandise rep

  3. Training, STC and BOTA rep

  4. Industry liaison – to support current liaison representative

  5. Mentoring Application requirements Please complete the attached application form and send back to by 22nd July 2022. CTOC Secretary

  • ST7, would be leading EOETEA 2022-23 (should be ST8 in 2022)

  • Proposer and seconder (trainee) for the role

  • Consultant Proposer for the role

  • Statement 100 words Combined Junior Treasurer and Merchandise

  • Any training year

  • Proposer and seconder (trainee) for the role

  • Statement 100 words Trainee and BOTA rep

  • Current ST6 or below

  • Proposer and seconder (trainee) for the role

  • Statement 100 words Industry Liaison

  • Current ST6 or below

  • Proposer and seconder (trainee) for the role

  • Statement 100 words Job description for the EOETEA roles CTOC Secretary

  • Organise and Chair EOETEA committee meetings

  • Liaise with other EOETEA members on organising CTOC

  • Organising CTOC for Academic day

    • Keynote lectures

    • Trainee presentations

  • Organising CTOC dinner

  • Communications with trainees and trainers about CTOC

Junior treasurer and merchandise officer

  • Minute taking at CTOC meetings (when present).

  • Collates paper accounts from senior treasurer.

  • Assists CTOC secretary and sponsorship secretary with planning spending.

  • Prepares spending review for AGM.

  • Purchase of CTOC merchandise, prizes and gifts for speakers.

  • Purchase of EoE prizes for ST8 leavers

  • Supporting CTOC Secretary for any additional merchandise requirements.

Trainee and BOTA Rep

  • Regional rep for BOTA

  • Update the region regularly with BOTA activities

  • Feedback any training issues to BOTA

  • Update the region on BOTA courses, conferences, webinars, etc..

  • Represent trainees at regional STC meetings

  • Organise and collect data for Trainer and Training Hospital of the year awards Industry liaison

  • Communicate with industry partners to maintain relations

  • Acquire funding for the rotation for CTOC and regional courses and events throughout the year

  • Set-up industry stands at CTOC

  • Promote courses from industry to trainees Please consider whether you would like to consider applying for one or more of these roles. Please state your preference if you apply for more than one position. Application Form

Application for EOETEA Committee Role 2022
Download DOCX • 226KB

Best wishes

Jaison Patel

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