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Knee Teaching Term January 2022

Teaching schedule for EoEOrtho knee teaching

6th January 2022 Thursday 9am-12pm Knee Basic Science


13th January 2022 Thursday 230pm Knee Trauma, Practical and Journal Club

Drinks after at Frank Lee

(zoom, hybrid practical - Sign up only)

20th January 2022 Thursday 9am-12pm Knee Arthroplasty / Adult Reconstruction


27th January 2022 Thursday 230pm Knee Total Knee Replacement Practical

Drinks after at Frank Lee

(Sign up only)

Special thanks to our sponsors Depuy Synthes

Password: 123456 for zoom

Resources for knee teaching

Knee anatomy and biomechanics

Biomaterials and tribology

Tendon, ligaments, meniscus, free body diagram for FRCS

Clinical exam (Orthopaedic Academy - Jehangir Mahaluxmivala)

Meniscus tear

TKR (Orthopaedic Academy - Jehangir Mahaluxmivala)

Valgus Knee

Improve knee outcomes TKR

Prosthetic Joint Infection


Sport injuries in the knee


Meniscal repair (Orthopaedic Principles)

Posterolateral corner (Orthopaedic Principles)

Tibial plateaus (Posterior and medial approach to proximal tibia - Cambridge Orthopaedics)

Distal femur fractures

Periprosthetic around knee

Knee dislocations and multilig

Smith and Nephew Sports Medicine Webinar Series: Knee Repair, trauma, primary joints, revision joints

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